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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Spanish Property - A Eurozone Investment That Won’t Break The Bank

The Kyero Q3 Spanish House Price Index has just been released and it isn’t good news…

In fact it is another blow for those owners and developers who have Spanish property on their hands and need to sell. This is because over the last 12 months, the average asking price of Spanish property has again plummeted from €267K to €244k.

Yet another 8.5% reduction that rubs salt in the wounds of those hoping for some sign of an upturn in Spain.
The upturn certainly hasn’t arrived yet, however this has not stopped a large number of investors and buyers from the colder climbs of Europe rushing in to snap up properties on the Spanish Costas while they still can.
I can’t say I blame them either. If someone offered me a property in somewhere like Marbella with a 70% discount, I would be on the plane faster than you can say Easy Jet.

This is what is happening now in Spain and unlike some of the other struggling countries in Europe who are still feeling the effects of economic instability, Spain will always have its year round climate and the tourists who arrive every year for their holidays.

I was talking to one of my Irish friends Fergus over the weekend and when I asked how much it would be to buy a property with a sea view in Ireland he said, “How much? In these parts we offer to buy each other properties so that we can get change for the bus fare out of here.”

It is an interesting contrast with the mood in Spain where there has rarely been so much interest from investors. Of course Ireland is a very different kind of market to the one you will find in Spain and it doesn’t have the bonus of  year round sunshine and warm weather.

The real draw for those investors when it comes to Spanish property is not only the discounted prices, but also the lower risks involved. Any investor knows that buying property on the Spanish coast is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a long term investment.

Those investors also know that at such low prices and big discounts, the outside risk that economic volatility will take its toll in Spain is mitigated. Yes Spain is still in a recession and yes its house prices continue to fall, however they can only fall so far.

In the long term, London aside, Spanish property at a 70% discount is still the number one choice in the struggling EU.

Do you think Spanish property is a good investment? Please leave your comments below. 

Kind regards
Brett Williams 
Property Expert

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Istanbul Property - A Safe Haven Emerging Market

Istanbul Property - A Safe Haven Emerging Market

The IMF is predicting that the global recovery is going to be held back by the huge floppy eared elephant we call the EU, so where does this leave property investors? The answer has to be Istanbul property.

Did you ever read the book about the family of mice and their stock of cheese? I first read the story back in 2007 when we were last facing some testing times and I like to keep it as a source of inspiration whenever times are tough.

The story is about four mice who live in a maze and they are quite happy living on the cheese they find in in their own little corner, so happy in fact that they begin to get a little lazy and depend heavily on it.
They go to the same place and do the same things every day regular as clockwork.

That is until one day when mother mouse goes to the spot where they always find their cheese only to find that it isn’t there anymore. The cheese had been moved.

Panic stricken she goes back to the family and tells them the bad news. Unfortunately even after looking hard they are unable to find any cheese. The next day the family check again…

Still no cheese and after some days they start to go hungry.

The mouse family driven by hunger eventually decide to get out of their comfort zone and go and try to find what they need in another part of the maze. Fortunately they find it and live happily.

The moral of the tale is that sometimes you need to change direction and find whatever it is you are looking for some place else. Sometimes there is no point in hanging around waiting for things to change.

I thought this story could be used perfectly to describe the dilemma being faced by property investors. Many will be frustrated and disillusioned with trying to find growth in EU property markets.

At the moment it simply isn’t there, so it is time to look beyond the borders and find safe havens that still provide a high return on investment like Istanbul.

Istanbul property prices have increased by 11.87% between August 2011 and August 2012 with smaller properties 51-75 sqm seeing an increase of 13.16% in this period. Housing stocks have also fallen nearly 3% from their peak in March.

Add to this an economy that is actually forecast to grow by more than 3% this year in contrast to a 0.4% contraction of the UK economy and it is easy to see where you can find the best property investment Europe.

If I were a smart mouse, I know where I would be heading with my money.

Are you struggling to find a good property market to invest in? Please leave your comments below:

Kind regards
Kabir M Qureshi 
Managing Director

The Big Funds Continue To Invest In Distressed Florida Property

The Big Funds Continue To Invest In Distressed Florida Property

Warren Buffet thinks single family homes in Florida are cheap and now a major investment firm has decided they are now such good value they are prepared to invest a cool $150 million in 1,200 repossessed and foreclosed property in South Florida.

As I have been telling for months on this blog, Florida property is extremely attractive to investors right now. A combination of high rental yields, heavily discounted prices and a market that finally seems to be following a sustainable path towards recovery is what has attracted the attention of many of the big investors in the USA

The group of Mexican partners at Vulcan group are pretty clear about why they want to invest in South Florida homes. Their CEO Inaki Negrete said in a press release, “We’re buying properties once valued at $200,000 or more for $75,000 and making them available within six weeks for a reasonable $1,500-a-month rent.”

Buffett one of the world’s greatest investors saw the potential we have been telling you about right back at the beginning of the year and this latest investment only reinforces the idea that Florida property is an extremely good long term bet – certainly in contrast to most property markets in Europe at the moment.

Negrete added; “The residential home market in South Florida is definitely on the rise” and the fund is so optimistic about their investment that they expect to liquidate it in 2017, with a 100 percent increase in the values of the properties in its portfolio, plus an annual rental cap rate above 14 percent.”

For most smaller investors it may not be possible to invest on the scale of the large investment funds, however I think this latest move by Vulcan should alert investors that time is running out when it comes to some of the larger gains as property values steadily increase.

Only last month, a Reuters poll forecast that house prices would rise 2.5 percent next in Florida next year, up from 1.8 percent on their July poll. We also learned in August that month, that the average price of a Miami Condo rose 9.1% to $404,927 from $371,205 a year earlier.

On top of this, average rents are climbing 4.4% annually according to the latest data.

It is not often that we see rising rents and prices happening in one state, yet this is what is happening now as a result of tight lending conditions and the influx of foreign cash buyers from Canada and Brazil as well as the big fund managers.

Is it time to invest in Florida property? You bet it is. Please leave your comments below:

Kind Regards
Brett Williams
Property Expert

Why More Arabs Are Investing In Turkish Property

Why More Arabs Are Investing In Turkish Property

An old property investor friend of mine said to me the other day, “Turkey is pretty interesting at the moment isnt it.” I told him that is a bit of an understatement.

Like many other UK investors, this particular investor is not actively looking to buy abroad at the moment, however European investors are not the main target for Turkish developers, it is the growing influx of investors they are welcoming from the Gulf.

It may surprise you to hear that the Middle East accounts for just 10 per cent of foreign direct investment in Turkey each year. This may already be about to change as Turkey seeks closer ties with its Middle Eastern neighbours.

There are some obvious economic benefits for Turkey in being nestled between Europe and Asia. If one side slows down it can always rely on the other to boost trade. Turkey’s economy continues to grow even though most European countries have gone into reverse and Turkey’s remarkable economic performance in recent years is no accident.

As a result, investors from the Gulf states are increasingly eyeing Turkish real estate as a good long term bet. It has been well documented that Istanbul has seen increasing interest from investors from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen – all of whom can invest in Turkish property following the reciprocity law change this year.

The country is actively encouraging more investment from its near neighbours and their arrival has been part of the reason why the Turkish property boom has managed to sustain itself to the point where average prices have already risen over 10% since January 2012.

The new Turkish property law only came into effect in May and already the FT reported this month that Agaoglu, a construction group developing the site in Istanbul has received $400m from Gulf investors before it was even launched.

The development in the centre of Istanbul’s business district will include 5,000 apartments in what is claimed to be the biggest real estate project in the Turkey’s history at nearly £1.5bn.

For both investors from Arab states and Turkey itself, the benefits of closer ties means that, on the one hand, Gulf investors can feel confident to invest in property in cities such as Istanbul at prices that are still well below those to be found in Western Europe. While on the other Turkey’s property developers get to tap into the obvious wealth that is accumulating from the trade in energy.

People have been calling Istanbul the “new London” for most of the past 12 months and it is likely that many Middle Eastern investors will find Istanbul a more attractive proposition. Turkey is much closer to home and so is the culture.

So when it comes to catching the next wave of growth in Turkey, investors will need to act fast to beat the influx of investors who will inevitably find Istanbul property – as my friend would say – ‘pretty interesting.’

Do you find Istanbul property interesting? Please leave your comments below:

Kind Regards
Angelina GoreProperty Expert

Escape Eurozone Uncertainty In This High Growth Market

Escape Eurozone Uncertainty In This High Growth Market

I flew into Istanbul this week and it was nice to feel the heat again after a disappointing summer in the UK. I soon discovered that the weather is not the only thing that is hot about Istanbul at the moment.

One of the best things about investing in property is that no matter what is happening in one part of the world, you can always rely on the fact that there will be somewhere where you can enjoy a different season.

In Turkey at the moment it is hot, so we can see very clearly that when it comes to the investment cycle, cities like Istanbul are still enjoying their summer while much of the EU is still stuck in the winter.

Dare we say that the Istanbul property market is booming at the moment? We don’t hear the word boom so much these days as it suggests a bubble is forming, yet I didn’t get that impression from my trip to Istanbul.

Yes it is true that you can see a frenzy of building activity as developers try to keep up with exceptional demand. However a great deal of this new demand has come as a result of the country opening its doors to Gulf investors by easing restrictions on investment. There is no sign yet that their appetite for Turkish property is satisfied, in fact it looks like they are only just on their starters.

It is estimated that property sales to foreign investors could top $10 billion in Turkey in the medium term alone.

Many of the developers we see building new apartments in Istanbul are no doubt encouraged by the most recent Knight Frank Global House Price Index which put Turkey property prices as the third fastest growing in the world this year.

They were beaten only by Brazil which is undergoing its own economic miracle and Austria which has also seen some surprising surges in property prices. Where Turkey is concerned however, you not only have a property market supported by a growing economy, you also have low prices in comparison to EU countries.

The average asking price for a luxury apartment in Istanbul for example has more than doubled in 7 years from £1,244 to £2,800. Yet this still compares well to prices in EU cities with prices still only a fifth of those you will see in London or Hong Kong.

So while property markets in the Europe continue to be held back by a lack of available finance, shrinking job markets and low consumer confidence it is good to know that I can still escape to Istanbul for a decent summer.

Are you seeing any positive moves in property prices elsewhere in the world? Please leave your comments below.

Kind Regards
Kabir M Qureshi
Managing Director

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Is Now A Good Time To Invest In Spanish Property?

Is Now A Good Time To Invest In Spanish Property?

According to the latest statistics September’s fall in Spanish property prices was similar to the one seen in August (Source: IMIE General Index). QB highlight that this represents a fall of 32.9% since December 2007.

However despite this latest gloomy news, Don Stevens, Managing Director of
QB commented, “I would like to allay some of those fears about investing in Spanish property and say that now is quite possibly the best time to take a leap and invest, while others who are less brave are just happy to watch from the sidelines.

Now this is not to say that I am expecting a sudden increase in Spanish property prices and a reversal of the destructive declines in value we have seen since 2007. It just isn’t going to happen in the short term.

In the long term however, investing at today’s prices means that investors are likely to see the value of their investment grow when the market recovers and they can also benefit from 100% finance and other incentives put forward by developers to tempt buyers.”

According to QB , if investors are considering Spain at the moment, they might be wondering if this market has further to fall. There are of course no guarantees that there will not be further falls through the autumn and winter months, however as soon as the oversupply of property has been absorbed it is a safe bet that stability will return.

Ratings agency Standard and Poors have just dealt Spain another heavy blow by downgrading its bonds by another two notches to BBB- which is just above a junk-debt ratings.

Stevens added, “The property market in Spain is literally on its knees. Sellers are willing to accept the cheeky offers they would not have even considered back in the boom years. This is the case even in popular resorts like Marbella where developers are offering properties at 70% below launch prices with 100% finance.

This makes Spanish property less of a risk than it has ever been. Investors can use very little of their own money and benefit from falling prices and the falling Euro. Even if the Euro plummets or the worst happens and Spain leaves the Euro, (and this is unlikely) the value of mortgage debt will also be reduced.

Overseas mortgage specialist, Conti saw a 33% rise in enquiries from people looking to invest in a home abroad in September, with Spain still featuring in the list of hot spots. According to
QB, this goes some way to confirming that there are plenty of people who are still willing to take a leap and risk investing in Spanish property.

Notes to the editor:

QB is a leading property investment company that specialises in finding positive cash flow investment properties worldwide. Their aim is to provide their clients with properties that offer the unique combination of strong growth returns and cash flow positive income.

Investing in positive cash flow property significantly reduces the risk because the property will pay for itself regardless of market conditions, employment status or other financial commitments.

QB provides complete support before, during and after a sale, including finding tenants, financial assistance, viewing trips and currency services. Colordarcy are proud members of the ‘Association of International Property Professionals’ (AIPP), and abide by its code of conduct, one established to protect the buyer, by ensuring members follow professional guidelines and procedures.

QB ( investment property portfolio includes some of the best properties for sale in Brazil, Florida, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

For more information, supporting pictures or logo artwork, please contact:

Brett Williams
PR Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 8454 636 856

Monday, 15 October 2012

Property Hotspots: Cashing In On Festival and Event Rentals

Property Hotspots: Cashing In On Festival and Event Rentals

Our series on finding property hotspots has explored a variety of different ways in which an area can become ‘hot’ and a key attractor of tenants, such as being located near major transport links, large employers or universities. Here’s a new idea to consider – the benefits of cashing in on owning property near festival or event sites.

Many people think of the festival season as kicking off in the summer, when large popular music festivals, such as Glastonbury or Reading, take place. But there are actually a large number of festivals and annual events taking place throughout the calendar year, spanning interests such as literature, music, art, gardening, racing and sailing, in many areas of the UK. Think Cheltenham Festival, Edinburgh International Festival, Goodwood, Chelsea Flower Show, Wimbledon, The Proms, Isle of Wight Festival or Henley Regatta.

Accommodation near each of the venues, especially the large events, is often in demand in the run-up to the events, when organisers are setting up, to during the festivals, when stall holders, attendees and the media are at the events and need somewhere to stay for short or long periods of time. With many of the events only running for a short period, it may seem unlikely that you can make much money from renting property, but actually there are benefits to be had.

In prime locations, the cost of renting a property for a week is substantial. A week of a house rental to coincide with a major music festival can command prices of £5,000, £6,000 or more, depending on the size and exact location. The closer to the venues, the better, but even those close to good direct transport links can be valuable too.

If you have holiday investment rental properties and are located near a festival then you may already be cashing in on the benefits of your location. For those looking to invest in new properties, areas around such events are well worth considering, if the figures add up for you.
To discover whether any of your properties could be festival hotspots, or areas which you could consider buying in, here are some useful links to explore:

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Puerto Rico Home Rentals

Puerto Rico Home Rentals

There are many great reasons to consider Puerto Rico home rentals, from the beautiful exotic location, to the amazing prices, it is a tropical paradise like no other. If you have been thinking of moving to Puerto Rico, you probably already know how difficult it can be to purchase a home there, while living in another country. House rental in Puerto Rico allows you to move to your dream location quickly, without the complicated process of trying to find the perfect house to purchase.

While it may take many trips back and forth to Puerto Rico to find and purchase a house, it is entirely possible to find a great house to rent within a single weekend trip. This drastically cuts back on both the costs and the time involved in the moving process. That means you could literally be living in your new tropical dream home in as little as a few weeks!

In addition to being easier to move into, Puerto Rico home rentals offer all of the fabulous benefits of an island retreat, right in your own home. The lush and exotic landscape brings the magic of the tropics right to your front door. In addition, many house rentals in Puerto Rico offer immaculate architecture in a wide range of styles, such as Spanish colonial, neo-classical, and baroque. In fact, Puerto Rico is known for having some of the most impressive and interesting architecture in all of the Caribbean.

There are many rent to own properties as well, which means that your house rental in Puerto Rico could actually be a great long-term investment. This is also a great option if you do not have the good credit you need to purchase a house. By renting to own, you can rebuild your credit, while putting money down on the actual house you want to buy.

Renting can definitely be a great option, however living in an apartment complex is not ideal for many people. House rental in Puerto Rico gives you a chance to rent or lease, while still living in a house of your own, offering the privacy and space that many people desire. One of the best parts, is that the property manager will still take care of all the maintenance responsibilities, so you can rest easy while someone else takes care of the property!

If you are interested in living in Puerto Rico, but you do not have the best credit, or you simply cannot afford the lengthy home buying process, you should seriously consider Puerto Rico home rentals. You get all of the benefits of having your own home, without a lot of the troubles associated with buying a house. And just think, you could be living in your new tropical paradise in just a few weeks!

Land For Sale In Puerto Rico

Land For Sale In Puerto Rico

Nearly everyone has fantasized about living in a beautiful tropical location at least once in their lives, but most people don't realize it is actually possible. In general, tropical destinations are over populated and over priced, not to mention buying property abroad can be risky business. Puerto Rico offers all the luxurious benefits with none of the shortcomings: land for sale in Puerto Rico is far more reasonable than other exotic islands, plus you are protected by strict real estate transaction laws to keep your money safe. Buy land for sale in Puerto Rico also gives you a lot more options – you could build a home to live in, a commercial property to earn you money, or even just have a wonderful place to go camping on vacation.

The real estate industry is booming, yet prices are still very affordable. There are many different types of land for sale in Puerto Rico, from beaches to mountains, lakes to rain forests – it has home to many exotic plants and wildlife. With average temperatures around 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and very little variance from one season to the next, it is a very comfortable place to live.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing any property, is resale value. Right now, the prices on land for sale in Puerto Rico are very low, yet the economy is now booming and rising quickly. This means you have the chance to purchase tropical lush property for far less than it is worth, making it an amazing investment opportunity. And you can rest easy knowing your money is safe, since Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, and has similarly strict real estate transaction laws and property rights.

Since English is taught as a second language in public school in Puerto Rico, is is much easier to communicate with a real estate broker than it would be in other parts of the world. This is a huge advantage to buying land for sale in Puerto Rico – real estate transactions can be quite complicated, and having a communication barrier could make it nearly impossible. Because of this, it may be wise to meet with a few brokers to see which one you will be able to speak with the easiest.

All in all, purchasing land for sale in Puerto Rico can be an amazing opportunity. For anyone looking for a new place to call home, somewhere to start a new business or some lucrative real estate to invest in, Puerto Rico is full of incredible possibilities. Right now is the perfect time to invest in one of the greatest locations available on the planet, and anyone in real estate will tell you, location is everything!

Puerto Rico Commercial Real Estate

Puerto Rico Commercial Real Estate

Tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry, with a large majority of that money going to the tropical locations of the world. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to start a new business or purchase an existing profitable business. However, since most tropical locations have limited real estate transaction laws and property rights, it can be a risky endeavor. That is one of the many great reasons to consider Puerto Rico commercial real estate – it is an unincorporated U.S. Territory, so your transactions and property will be completely protected by very strict laws. This means you get all the benefits of a tropical tourist location, without many of the financial risks!

There are many different types of Puerto Rico commercial real estate available, from office buildings and restaurants to resorts and amusements. This means that you have your choice of many different lucrative investment opportunities, so you can find one that not only has a lot of profit potential, but is actually of personal interest to you. Right now, property prices are very low, yet the economy is steadily rising, which makes this the perfect time to buy property in Puerto Rico. You can get in now while the price is still low, and cash in on the millions of tourists visiting the island every year.

Before you start looking for Puerto Rico commercial real estate opportunities, you need to ask yourself a few things: What is your budget? What type of business do you want to run? How soon would you like to begin? Do you want to start your own business or buy one that's already profitable? When you are able to answer all of these questions, you are ready to speak with a qualified local real estate broker in Puerto Rico. Having a good idea about what you are looking for will help them find the perfect commercial property for you.

While the tourism industry brings in roughly two billion dollars a year in Puerto Rico, it is by no means the only profitable sector. In recent years, the petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, and technology industries have been growing at a dramatic rate, and have helped Puerto Rico become classified as a “High Income Country” by the World Bank. This means there is a lot more money being spent regularly by locals than in most other tropical tourist locations. In addition, many industries receive generous tax incentives from the United States, making business even more profitable.

If you are looking to start a profitable business in a beautiful tropical location while still being protected by strict real estate transaction laws, then you should really look into Puerto Rico commercial real estate. With a booming tourism industry, a profitable technology sector and incredible property prices, it is truly an island of opportunity.

Homes For Sale In Puerto Rico

Homes For Sale In Puerto Rico

Are you looking for a big change in your life? Are you sick and tired of being surrounded by a concrete jungle, cars and smog? Are you sick of paying tons of money every month to live in a small apartment or house? Perhaps it is time for you to look at some homes for sale in Puerto Rico - the Island of Enchantment is a beautiful and peaceful place to call home.

Since Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, American citizens are allowed to travel there without obtaining a passport or visa. In addition, English is taught as a second language in public schools, so most citizens of Puerto Rico are able to speak English quite well. However, when making important business decisions, such as buying homes for sale in Puerto Rico, you should make sure you use a local real-estate broker who is very fluent in English to avoid any miscommunication.

There are many different types of homes for sale in Puerto Rico, from small efficient one bedroom homes all the way up to massive multi-million dollar luxury mansions overlooking the ocean. Due to the tropical atmosphere, lush exotic landscaping surrounds most of the homes for sale in Puerto Rico, helping to bring that luxurious vacation feel right to your home, year round. Best of all, the prices are extremely reasonable, allowing buyers to get a lot more home for their dollar then they could in other parts of the world. Since Puerto Rico is still a U.S. Territory, there are many laws and regulations to protect your real estate transactions as well as your property rights, which is very important, especially when buying a home that you must relocate to.

Another great option, is to look at Puerto Rico condos for sale. When living in a condo, you are not responsible for maintaining the premises – a staff of trained professionals handles all the usual chores, such as landscaping and trash removal. This way, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your free time, while someone else takes care of the boring and time-consuming chores. In addition, there are many Puerto Rico condos for sale with immaculate landscaping, swimming pools, jacuzzis and more, making condo life seem like a vacation that never ends. Basically, you get all the benefits of living in a luxury apartment, but all the investment benefits of owning your own property.

Whether you look at homes for sale in Puerto Rico, or decide to check out the Puerto Rico condos for sale, you are sure to find some amazing investment opportunities in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Property prices are at an all-time low, but the economy is stable and on the rise. That makes right now the perfect time to invest in property in Puerto Rico for any reason, be it for financial gain, a new family home, or just an amazing vacation spot to visit anytime you want.

Find Puerto Rico Real Estate

Find Puerto Rico Real Estate

Puerto Rico real estate has become a very lucrative market in the past few years. It is the perfect place for anyone who wants to live in a tropical location, while still having their real estate transaction and property rights protected. Puerto Rico is now considered a “non-incorporated territory” of the United States, and has very similar real estate laws, making it an excellent investment opportunity.

Real estate prices have dropped some in the past few years, but have stabilized making this the perfect time to invest in real estate in Puerto Rico. In addition to having your real estate transactions be protected, there are some local incentives and tax credits available to motivate new buyers, especially in the tourism sector. Since there are very strict laws and regulations, it is wise to hire a local real estate broker. If you do not speak Spanish, make sure you find one that can speak English fluently. While many residents speak English, it generally is not adequate to handle serious business transactions, such as property sales.

Puerto Rico is a place like no other, and has been nicknamed “Isla del Encanto,” which means “The Island of Enchantment,” in English. There are many fun and exciting activities available, such as rock climbing, snorkeling, diving, mountain biking, kayaking, hang gliding and more, ensuring there is never a dull moment. Buying real estate in Puerto Rico is like sending yourself on vacation, for the rest of your life!

Real estate in Puerto Rico is not limited to just homes – in fact there are many lucrative commercial opportunities available as well. In the past few decades, there has been a big shift towards industrial production in Puerto Rico, and there are many factories and industrial spaces available – many of which are active, profitable companies. In addition, there are a lot of commercial properties and office spaces for sale for just a fraction of what they would cost in the U.S. Since English is taught as a second language in schools in Puerto Rico, managing a business here is possible, even if you cannot speak Spanish fluently.

Whether you are looking to start a new business, take control of an existing one, or you just want to live in a tropical paradise, do yourself a favor and look at some real estate in Puerto Rico. With unbelievably reasonable prices and a beautiful location, Puerto Rico real estate is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking for a change.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Is It Worth Investing in Land UK or Overseas?

Is It Worth Investing in Land UK or Overseas?

The benefits of investing in property are clear, but if you see land for sale or at auction, is it worth investing in?

Land comes up for sale on a regular basis, both via land agents and estate agents, and at auctions. Prices vary depending on the type of land being offered, whereabouts its located in the UK, whether it’s in the town or country and the prospects it has for the future. If you choose carefully and buy wisely, land can certainly prove to be a good investment.

Like any property purchase, it’s advisable not to rush into a land purchase without doing your research first. If you’re thinking of using the land, either immediately or in the future, for a building project, then you’ll need to find out if there are any restrictions in place that would prevent you from building on the land.

It’s also worth finding out if anyone else has ever successfully applied for planning permission or had it turned down. Some land may even come with planning permission granted – but be aware that you could end up paying as much as 10% extra if this is the case. If you have entirely different ideas as to what you want to do with the land and don’t want to take up suggested plans, then you may be better off finding land without pre-accepted plans attached.

The first thing most people think about is to build a house or flats on any available land, but there are other useful projects that you could consider too. If the land is in a town or city, and especially if it may not be suitable for putting a residential development on, it’s worth considering whether you could use the plot to build one or more garages instead.

Garages and parking spaces are often in huge demand, especially in towns and cities, as we’ve explored previously. Building one or more decent sized garages would obviously be a lot cheaper than building a property, so you’ve less outlay to worry about, and if you consider adding basic facilities, it could double up as workshop space too.

Both garage sales and garage rents can bring in a decent amount of profit and a good return on your land investment. If the location is particularly desirable for garage lets, then renting it out could be a better return in the long run than selling it on.

So, if you fancy something a bit different, don’t mind some hard work and have ideas of your own to explore, it may well be worth giving a second thought to land investment.

Why you should invest in UK Land

Why you should invest in UK Land

In this blog post I thought I would quickly list my thoughts and opinions on why you should invest in land… Are you looking to build physical assets or invest for the future? Land investment fascinates me, and owning a plot of land (big or small) is very rewarding. Remember, land is a tangible asset (unlike stocks or shares) and it will increase in value over time.

So, why should you invest in land? First of all land is a safe investment, as long as you research the area (making sure it offers what you want) and find sound legal advice to ensure that both the sale and asking price is above board. Secondly, land prices have historically always gone up over the years, mainly because there is a limited amount of land for sale in the UK… With this in mind, point three on why you should invest (and hold on) to land is ROI, your return on investment! Like property prices, land prices have rocketed over the decades, enough said!

Who knows, a decade or two from now, future investors may look back and say “I wish I had bought some land back in 2011!” One final advantage of investing in land is you can negotiate a price with the land seller… Remember, we live in tough economic times and each plot of land is different, great investments may simply depend on how quick a person wants to sell!

Good luck with your hunt for land, please post your thoughts and experiences below on land investment, I would love to hear them! Find out more on our land investment website

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Land Investing Advice

Land Investing Advice

Brazil has grown in popularity amongst investors at an incredible pace over the past 5 years, inevitably leading to huge price increases on what was previously ‘dime a dozen’ real estate. As the appeal of the region continues, increasing numbers of investors are searching for different ways of making huge capital growth at rock bottom prices.

Land investing in Brazil offers speculators an opportunity to enter the market and build on existing portfolios, at the lowest entry level prices with a greater selection of exit strategies. Land Investing Brazil has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions from clients keen to enter the Brazilian market and make the most from their investment.

Why is it so cheap? The northeast of Brazil offers everything a person could want for a dream lifestyle, yet the local population have until recently been unable to develop the local resources. The lack of capital, high interest rates, low wages and lack of foreign investment have resulted in prime unspoilt land in a stunning destination. Government incentives to promote tourism for the development of this region has opened the doors to foreign investors, bringing in capital and benefitting from huge growth at the lowest prices.

What constitutes good land for investment? Prime land for investment in the northeast of Brazil is that which comprises of features in demand. Stunning visual surrounds offering the ‘wow factor’ is something that buyers will always want. Close proximity to established towns with good road connections will drive prices up faster. The areas that are being developed offer excellent connections with good infrastructure and within easy reach of international airports. It is advisable to avoid agricultural land, even though the prices are cheaper, as limited exit strategies will apply. The connection of utility services to the land, or the possibility to have them connected in the near future will enable even greater returns in a shorter period of time.

What are the exit strategies? Land offers a greater variety of exit strategies to a typical apartment or villa purchase, with little or no maintenance costs. Many land investors in Brazil opt for Land Banking, holding onto prime plots for a period of time while the demand grows, the infrastructure develops and the value increases dramatically. If a land is purchased prior to obtaining permission for construction, the price is often much lower and will offer substantial gains once the permission is obtained. Land purchased with permission to construct can present the buyer with the option to build, selling the finished product at prices that are often double the seller’s outlay. Developers are snapping up large plots for hotels and multiple units, knowing the demand from European and North American buyers is growing at an incredible pace.

What are the restrictions on foreign ownership? Throughout Brazil, for the purchase of land, apartments, villas and other real estate, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership. The Brazilian government are actively promoting development to foreign nationals, fully understanding the growth of the economy is greatly assisted by foreign investment.

What types of properties can be built? Some land purchases will have set parameters relating to the planning consent. Pre-purchasing research should include a full understanding of what the buyer intends to do with their Brazilian land plot, to ensure the type of land being purchased fits the buyer’s requirements. Restrictions on plots should be explained during the search process to ensure correct advice for finding the ideal plot of land. The types of properties to be built can include a villas blocks of apartments, hotels; the choices are only restricted by the buyers intended cash outlay.

How can I buy it? Buying land in Brazil is a simple, straight forward procedure offering fantastic opportunities to all investors. Contact Land Investing Brazil to discuss personal preferences, requirements and availability for a fantastic addition to you investment portfolio.  provides extensive experience dealing with and on behalf of investors throughout the world, offering unbiased information on portfolios and international markets. Our experience within the global property sector enables us a prime position for identifying professional agents and developers, ensuring our clients receive full knowledge prior to entering any property investment purchase with our collaborators.

Land Investments and the Recession

Land Investments and the Recession

Simple economic theory explains why land is such a good investment. The market price of virtually everything is largely related to how much of it exists. Take oil for example, if suddenly the number of barrels coming into the UK halved overnight, each barrel would cost a lot more because the seller would realize they had something that everybody wants and these people cannot get it elsewhere.

The same is true of land, but the most important thing to remember is that there will never be more land. We have a limited amount of land available in the world and it is only getting less due to more and more land being purchased and of course other modern day factors such as global warming. This means that naturally the price will always generally be on the way up, so the best time to get involved is now.
The recession and investments.

Of course, in the UK and indeed across most parts of the world we have experienced a long period of economic downturn which certainly hasn’t provided the best conditions to invest large sums of money and certainly many traditional forms of investment are now less attractive to those looking for a good return over time.

This has led to new investment types becoming available by London based companies. A typical investment would involve entering a limited liability partnership which had ownership of land. You would be part owner of the partnership company and as a result own a share of the land. I hope you enjoyed this article.

The Popularity of Land Investment Is Growing

The Popularity of Land Investment Is Growing

So what’s the difference between Realtors and Real Estate Investors? The piece of paper the Realtor has. No, seriously though, a Realtor has the right to sell property for somebody else. A Real Estate Investor buys and sells their own properties. Now, the main difference between a Realtor and Real Estate Investor is that Realtors charge a lot for their services, and their prices tend to be on the high side. This is why Land Investment Market has increased; People are sick and tired of the tricks Realtors play, and decided to start buying properties on their own.

Sure, we are in a Housing slowdown right now. However, the price of land is never parallel with Real Estate Houses. Real Estate goes up and down in 6-8 year cycles, as many of you already know. What many of you might not know is that land prices tend to always appreciate. Land is similar to oil in the sense that it’s a finite commodity. However, at least it’s possible to make synthetic oils and stuff like that. Land, however, is obviously not being made anymore. Once all the land in this planet runs out, there will simply be no more land, and your piece would climb drastically in value.

Many people, including some of my clients, have come to realize that it’s less expensive to buy a residential lot and build a house than simply just buying a house. This means two things. First, you can build the house on your lot and turn it into a rental property. Or, you can simply cash out on your existing home, and relocate to good, clean areas including that new house you bought on your multi-acre property!

There are many things you can investment in. But how safe are these investments? Let’s break it down:
Stock Market- Sure it’s lucrative, but only if your at the top of the company. Your dealing with money that doesn’t exist when you play the stock market.

Mutual Funds- Safer, but the return isn’t as good.

Bonds- Safe, but again, the return isn’t good.

Houses- This is tricky as it all depends on the location.

Land- It’s appreciates in value, can’t be destroyed in the case of a natural disaster, and is the first step involved in getting a place to live.

These are just a few of the reasons why land investment has increased in popularity. Grab that property you’ve been eying before it’s too late!

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Land Investment – How to Identify Good Parcels of Land

Land Investment – How to Identify Good Parcels of Land

Two initial questions that arise when considering purchasing land are ‘What Type of Land?’ and ‘Where to Buy’. There are many different parcels of land that have differing potential uses which will affect what you can do with that land or what type of future buyer will be interested in it.

Review the current and planned zoning. Each council has a town plan and land zoning. From the council’s town plan you can see what is acceptable development for each of the different zones. Land that is currently zoned as Residential would not be suitable for an Industrial development. This is fairly obvious, however also be aware that there is multiple types of residential zoning which impacts on the allowable property size, number of stories and so forth. Each council will and does have its differences. Some older suburbs have limits placed on the developments so that the character of the area is maintained. This may mean having enough tree coverage on a property and limiting the number of stories.

Where can you find the land zoning information? The government provides zoning maps, allowing you to select a street or suburb to see what zoning is in place. Councils provide very valuable information regarding the land and development opportunities. So when reviewing land, you will need to find out what the Planning and Development regulations are within the council area. You can find the council Planning Scheme, Neighborhood Character studies, permits and fee details, planning register – so you can see what other people have been doing in the area, subdivision and environmental regulations. Without adhering to all these rules and regulations you will not get approval to develop the land. Even if you are only considering purchasing the land as a buy and hold strategy keep in mind that the person or company that you pass this land over to will need to comply with council regulations. So it is important to carry out your due diligence in order to know that there will not be any significant issues blocking development – such as the property being in a flood zone, which prohibits residential development.

How is the Stock Market Connected to Land Investing?

How is the Stock Market Connected to Land Investing?

Let’s first admit that most of today’s investment portfolios can be traced in some form to the stock market. I was with some friends yesterday and everyone lamented they took a big hit over the past year resulting in steep declines in their personal investment portfolios. Also I was talking with a business owner whose business CD came due and when he went to roll it over he could only find a short term deal that paid slightly more than 1% interest.

So what does all this have to do with land? Traditionally when returns decline in traditional investment outlets, investors start to look for investment opportunities outside normal channels. For instance, some have turned toward gold as an option. Now many are turning to buy land as a safe haven for their funds.

Let me give you an example. I first cut my teeth on land investing in 2004 in the North Florida area. I was associated with a real estate firm that all they did was broker land. In early 2005 the office was receiving a phone inquiry every 15 MINUTES! In fact, the office could not keep pace with enough land parcels to service the demand (who were ready to pay with cash).

Why was there such an influx of activity to buy land? I asked this question at that time to many perspective buyers. About 80% of them were looking for an investment option outside the stock market. If you remember, the stock market returns were flat for much of 2003 and 2004. So some investors were growing impatient with returns there and begin to research other creative investment options. In fact, the Miami Herald wrote a story about this in 2004. They stated that one of those creative options was to invest in land and suggested North Florida is where someone should invest. After that article, the land brokerage was surprised to experience a flurry of activity.

Conclusion: Stock market returns flat – investors seek other investment outlets.

The question now is: If most investors have currently lost money in the stock market are they going to search out other places outside the stock market to invest in? Absolutely!

So if you are going to invest in land, strike while prices are still low. Because when land investing becomes more mainstream as it was in Florida in 2004 and 2005 as some point there won’t be enough affordable parcels of land available to meet the demand.

Learn how to develop a competitive edge as a real estate investor by applying the principles Russell Ward writes about in his Home Study Course, Vacant Land Guide – How to Buy Vacant Land at Wholesale Prices. The turn-key program teaches how to make $5K to $10K per month quick turning small parcels of land and $50K to $100K per deal on larger tracts of land in just 10-15 hours per week!

Buy Land – Investment

Buy Land – Investment

Buying land can be seen as a stagnant investment by few. However, if you compare investing in land with other investments that you want to make, you will know that investing in land is one of the best decisions you have made in your life. Also, it is a safe investment.

Buying land as an investment requires a deep understanding of the growth potential of the place you buy in. Buying next to a highway will be excellent. However, are you buying land in a saturated market? Or are you buying land in a growing market? Many of us may know the I-635 and I-75 highway flyovers under construction. In the same way, when you buy land, you should see the proposals of growth for highways and infrastructure projects. Study the trends in business growth and migration. Taxation policy for businesses may be something you want to observe.

Land is an excellent investment. Not only does it ensure security, it also ensures growth. It maximizes utility and has a greater return on investment than stocks or a Certificate of Deposit (CD). Should you want to build a house on your land, you can do so. You can sell it to a developer should there be an increase in demand for the property due to mobility of workforce or people into the area.

Let us examine investment in land by looking at a few other investment options. If you buy a CD, the return on investment can be lower than the inflation rate. So, you may be basically losing money by investing in a CD. It may be better to pay more money to your payment and ensure that it applies to the principal. Now, regarding investing in stocks, there are very few stocks that perform exceedingly well. Many stocks under perform or do not give the return on investment that one hopes for. Unless you invest in a startup with excellent growth potential, it is unlikely to have a return on investment that is more than the return on investment on a land investment.

If you consider the ratio of land/person, the ratio shows that the land per person is reducing every day. Population growth in the last century outgrew the population growth in the century preceding it. Land is limited in supply. So, it is valuable and ensures a better return on your investment. Even if it loses value, you will have the property and slowly it will regain its value. With all the reasons listed above, buying land is an excellent investment.

Land Investment the Best Opportunity at All Times

Land Investment the Best Opportunity at All Times

Land investment is growing in recognition because of the returns it provides to its investors. Big chunks of land are most probable to be granted permit for housing and commercial development in the long term. This realization has encouraged real estate firms and individuals alike to add investment in real estate to their investment portfolio.

While absolutely nothing is assured, cautiously selected land could be a superb investment. Here’s the way it functions for personal investors:

A real estate investor firm researches land that has the highest probability of development

They buy the land when it does not have any permission for development either housing or commercial

The land is demarcated into compact sites Personal investors purchase sites of land for a very meager amount

Once purchased the investor has freehold ownership with his name mentioned on the sale deeds

Investor can promote the land whenever he or she feels like

Land will most likely improve in worth with the passage of time

Land will considerably improve in worth when ever the permit for development is sanctioned

The relative inexpensiveness of such land implies that it’s now a golden investment chance for personal investors. The land is usually purchased with out any permission for housing or commercial development, that is why it’s less expensive. Although this does not ensure that the earnings from such a investment will be considerably high. The real estate firm generally researches the region such as the numbers of new homes required and also the availability of other land around the proposed land of purchase prior to selecting which land to purchase. What this means is the real estate firm won’t purchase land unless of course it’s extremely certain that it will likely be granted permit for development at a later stage.

A prudent investor might place the cash gained by their initial “land deal” and purchase new sites of land. Such investment really is medium-term, so the returns are available in 5 to 10 years. What this means is that with cautious planning, you can re-invest your earnings right into a variety of land sites, generating much more cash when permissions are sanctioned. For the investor this is truly valuable as they are able to resale at a valuable price or are able to invest their equity into additional properties. Real estate investments have made millionaires out of people and they continue to be one of the best investments in the nation.

Land Profit Generator – Virtual Land Investing Strategies

Land Profit Generator – Virtual Land Investing Strategies

Have you ever wondered if it could be possible to buy and sell vacant land or raw land from the comfort of your own home? This article will help you discover the reality of virtual land investing deals.

First let us define what we mean by Virtual Land Investing. It is investing in real property using internet based applications to locate land leads, locate buyers, and put together the transaction.

Virtual land investing can involve social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Ning, and several other  similar community web sites. For example on Facebook you can create your own group to attract people who are interested in this type of investing.

You can develop your social relationship with the followers of your group by providing useful information specific to land investing. This can be as simple as sharing some of your own research or journey to becoming a successful land investor.

It can be extremely useful for this purpose as well to create your own blog with a vacant land investing theme and focus. Once you have designed a flow of new leads that you can generate automatically online on websites like Twitter and Facebook and dozens of others, you can outsource many of the maintenance tasks for these properties.

Yes, any of the groups, blogs and social networking profiles you generate are commonly referred to as Web 2.0 “properties” – so virtual property investing can have a multi-facetted meaning here!

With regards to outsourcing, you will find that many providers for social network maintenance tasks are readily available at extremely low rates. You can find them even on the social networking sites, or go to outsourcing web sites such as or When you understand how to set up the system, you can easily direct virtual assistants in foreign countries to do the work for you.

The new Land Profit Generator by Jack Bosch is designed specifically with the perspective of outsourcing and social networking in mind. Many folks are excited about social networking. If you can bridge the information gap and provide sources of real land investing deals that you learn in the Land Profit Generator, you can boost your virtual investing business very quickly to being extremely profitable.

Land Investment in the UK – Eight Things Smart Investors Know

Land Investment in the UK – Eight Things Smart Investors Know

UK land represents some of the best investment land available. These eight facts, presented by a land planning and land investment expert, will tell you what wise investors already know about investing in land

1) Investing in UK Land is a real asset

You can see, use, and most importantly, build on investment land. You hold the legal title deeds to your investment land as surety. There are no complicated concepts in land investment, just a burgeoning demand for a finite amount of UK land.

2) Investing in Land yields strong returns

A finite supply of UK land partially explains its historically rising value, and implies it is unlikely to depreciate. Mark Twain said, “If something is unable to be manufactured and the underlying demand for it is constant, then its value will tend to rise.” Demand for UK land is, at the very least, constant. The property market increases reflect soaring demand for houses from an ever-growing population. Therefore, investing in UK land offers strong returns. It is reasonable to achieve the equivalent of 30-35% annually in a 5-year land investment project. This equates to compounded returns of around 400-450%. Such returns are hard to realise with other UK investments.

3) Land Investment is an investment in “the real world”

The value of property assets is clear and transparent. This is not the case with all UK investments, such as derivatives. Even with traditional equity investments, the average investor rarely knows whether the equity is genuinely under-valued (buy signal) or over-priced (sell signal).

Stock market scandals resulting from accounting malpractice highlight the limitations of the average investor’s understanding of their exposures. UK land investors are usually already active players as homeowners, so they already have some market experience.

4) UK Land has a lower entry point compared with buy to let

The price tag on a typical UK property is around £200,000. A plot of UK investment land that offers substantially larger relative returns is priced at just around £10,000! Remember that the Iron Law of Investment is diversification, commonly known as “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Because land investment has a significantly lower entry level than property, wise investors can more easily practice the Iron Law.

A typical UK investment requires around £200,000 but a diversified land investment portfolio could be created for less than £50,000! Investing in land, with its lower entry point, therefore gives the investor more ‘chances’ to pick a lucrative UK investment. However, it is by no means essential to build a huge portfolio of land investments: the key considerations for anyone considering investing in land are two-fold: choosing good quality UK land, and choosing a good land investment provider. The 12 Land Investment Guidelines, located at will help you make these two choices.

5) Investing in Land capitalises on UK’s housing crisis

Investing in land is the most lucrative means of capitalising the UK’s housing crisis. Supply pressure is being felt in both affluent and less affluent areas up and down the country. The number of UK council homes has fallen sharply over the past 25 years, while homes rented from social landlords has increased dramatically, and owner occupation has doubled.

The combined effects of the above factors make investing in land a sensible choice when allocating assets in a UK investment portfolio.

6) Investing in land is passive and hassle-free

All UK investments demand careful consideration when entering and exiting the investment. However, some UK investments also demand active management during the life of the investment (e.g. equity and commodities trading). Land investment, on the other hand, is entirely passive, which makes it popular with many investors. Investment land is easily managed and investors should be fully apprised of their investment progress.

7) Land Investment has low volatility of returns

Volatility of land investment returns is an important consideration. It refers to the extent to which the value of the investment rises and falls in its lifetime. Less volatility makes it easier for the investor to know their wealth at any given time.

UK Land investing is not volatile and is actually relatively predictable. The value of a land investment tends to follow a linear path: in a 4-5 year project, the value of the land investment in years 0-3 will tend to rise relatively modestly by the effect of ‘organic growth’, (what we commonly term ‘inflation’). The land investment typically rises sharply in value during years 4-5 (should permission to build on the land be achieved). The land investment may be divested of at this time for maximum profit.

The wise investor knows that they can more easily estimate the future value of their portfolio with land investments than with other asset classes. The land investor can plan for critical future funding requirements such as school and university fees, retirement planning, and healthcare expenses. More concrete future planning may not be so easy if the investor has exposures that are more volatile than investing in land.

8) Investing in land creates real wealth by compounding returns

As we have seen, returns of 400-500% in a 4-5 year project cycle are entirely possible if an investor chooses good UK land and an experienced land investment provider. Therefore, an initial investment of £10,000 could grow to £50,000. If these returns are then reinvested into another land investment project with comparable returns, then the initial land investment could grow from £10,000 to £250,000.

Some of the most successful individuals are enjoying the financial benefits from compounding in land investment. This approach requires a slightly longer-term view, but the rewards are significant. Compounding in land investment can offer more than just good investment returns: it can create very substantial wealth!
Leonard Montgomery is a Land Planning and Land Investment expert based in the UK. He enjoys sharing his expertise with common men and women to help them avoid the pitfalls of land investment and land planning that he experienced first-hand.

Land Investments – Real Estate Investing It Is Work

If you think that it’s too soon to start thinking about retirement as soon as
you begin working, then think again. There are several reasons why it is never
too soon. For one, people are now healthier than ever before, which translates
into living longer and thus, living longer in retirement. Many people in
retirement want to travel, buy a new home and have extra money to spend.
Planning ahead to save money for your retirement years makes a lot of sense. But
given all the options that exist for planning for the future, how do you know
which one is best? One great solution is investing in land.

My wife and I bought a cozy little house after we were married, along with an
empty lot that was next to it. We thought that the lot might be a good land
investment. Shortly thereafter we decided to sell the house, but we held onto
the land investment with the idea of possibly building on it in the future. We
kept it for a number of years, since the taxes were so low. After a few more
years we had a call from the owners of our previous house. They wanted to buy
the additional land. Having decided that we would not build there after all, we
had the land appraised. We were thrilled to find out that our land investment
had gone way up in value and we happily sold it at a nice profit.

We took the profit and put some of it in an IRA, and with the rest of it we
bought some hunting land near a community that was experiencing a nice growth.
The land purchase proved to be a good move because not too long after we bought
it, a land developer who wanted to build a housing development bought from us.
Once again, we made a substantial profit and my wife invested in a large parcel of
hunting land along with her brothers. Not only is it great for hunting, but it
is also a great investment that can later be divided and sold as individual lots
for future development.

Investing in land has many advantages. Remember, there is only a limited amount
of land to go around. In a growing area you can see a profit rather quickly and,
especially when it is undeveloped, taxes are really low. No maintenance is
required and it is unaffected by the stock market.

5 Reasons Why Land Investment is a Must

5 Reasons Why Land Investment is a Must

For anyone who is seeking to invest their money there are many different options that are currently available. Many people will take to the more traditional forms of investments such as stocks and bonds. Yet there is one investment that has remained fairly stable throughout the years and has survived the upswings and down swings of the economy and the real estate market and that is land. There are those who believe that land investment is fairly risky but this can be greatly reduced or eliminated by making wise decisions. There are many who see land investment as an important part of any investment portfolio.

Here are five reasons why land investment could prove to be the greatest financial venture for you.

Very limited land space

Just imagine, what will happen if the earth grows bigger and land space starts growing-there will be no dearth of space for people to live in. But this is not the case, earth is not growing rather population is growing like never before and in the near future is expected to grow; expected growth until 2050, 8.9 billion. This will increase the demand and eventually the market value of land would skyrocket.

Many areas around North America are scantly populated which means there is an abundance of land down the road. Over time, their market value will increase, proving to be a worthy and profitable investment.

Hidden Secrets

Yes, you read it correctly, but be careful with this. If you could, by any chance, get hold of mineral rights with your purchase, then you become the sole owner of everything that is mined beneath the land or grown on top of it. You can raise timber above the ground and use the money either for profit or for paying taxes; market commodities like wheat or corn can even be grown. More so, you can raise cattle on a high-quality pasture land. All the said things are just snap shots of additional income that you can possibly make by owning land.

Let’s not overlook the potential that there can be profits and surprises under the ground as well. As mentioned above, there is a battery of possibilities and wealth with mineral rights, provided you get them. Mineral rights allow you to extract minerals or earn royalties from companies to which you have given the authority to mine the minerals.

Land: Easy to Acquire

Normally, purchasing land is simple and a quick process. Though easy to acquire, if you fall into the trap of not using a Realtor, all your money that you could possible save while purchasing the land may end up being used. So, if possible shop and purchase with the help of a Realtor. More so, look for the following points before you seal the deal:

Before entering into any sort of contractual agreement, make sure the seller has legal and clear title.

Do not pay the seller more than the appraisal.

Ensure that the land is out of any flood zone.

Survey the land properly.

Land: A tangible and concrete asset 

Unlike stocks and other types of paper assets, land falls into the category of a tangible asset, which cannot be stolen from you and will not depreciate with economic turmoil. This has made land investment one of the best and the safest form of investment known to date. Besides, land does not require any sort of maintenance and unlike a home, another tangible asset, it does not need to be insured. Would it not be great to have an asset that is looking after itself?

Managing Money and land

No doubt, there are those who think it is better to invest in traditional forms of investments like stocks, bonds, IRA’s, mutual funds and 401K’s. However, do not forget that the world economy is going through a very tough phase right now and many of these instruments have fallen dramatically in value.
However, with the current economy being on a back burner, Land investment is also feeling some heat, but it will surely comeback and with a bang too. Whatever the situation is, people will always need a place to live and that always requires land.

Land Investing

Land Investing

One area of investing that is sometime s overlooked when thinking about areas to invest money in is land. Investing in real estate, that is developed land with homes and buildings is one of the most popular types of investing. But, ask those who do some serious investing and you will find that many of them invest in undeveloped land. As our country grows there is an ever-increasing need for new homes and services and land is a definite requirement for this to happen.

Typically investing in land is not as popular as developed real estate because of the amount of work that must be put into it. However as the need for land escalates this is changing. If you consider the tracts of unused land around your town, someone has to own them right? There is likely a large amount of available land in your area that can be purchased relatively inexpensively. The idea with land investing is to hold on to it and sell to a developer in future years. However, keep in mind that investing in land takes a bit more knowledge and research than investing in homes. One of the most important aspects of investing in land is knowing the zoning of the land you are buying and whether or not that is likely to change in the future. The zoning will, of course dictate who will likely be interested in property in the long-term.

Buying land that is zoned for commercial use is highly sought-after, but the most attractive land is that which is zoned for both commercial and residential. This land can be hard to locate but it is worth the effort and investment of time. This is really the investment that you want to be holding when your town starts a real estate boom. It’s a vein of investing where a fortune can be made overnight if the demand is high. Don’t forget to do your homework first. Educate yourself on the land that is available and the real estate trends in your town so you can make an educated guess at which way the industry is heading.

For Beginners – Three Common Sense Tips For Making Intelligent Land Investment Decisions

For Beginners – Three Common Sense Tips For Making Intelligent Land Investment Decisions

You have probably heard by now that the real estate market is plummeting. It seems that even the priciest, most coveted of buildings are being undermined in cost all the time-much to the dismay of those who have made their living off of this usually rather predictable and lucrative market. There is an old saying that it is never a good idea to put all of your eggs into one basket, and this holds true when it comes to investing in property as well. Investing in undeveloped property, raw land is one thing that many people have not thought to get into and it has proven to be rather lucrative as of late. It can be used for anything, it can be flipped, and there is an unlimited amount of it available at all times. These things certainly cannot be said about commercial or residential real estate, now can they?

For those out there who are new to the land purchasing side of investment ventures, it may be necessary to find a little bit of help. Investing in anything is not something that is ever a good idea to go into blindly, and it always helps to do a bit of thorough research before really taking the plunge. To help those amateur land investors or those looking for a little bit of help, take into consideration the following three tips for making intelligent land investment decisions.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

This may be one of the single most important pieces of advice that a potential land investor can take into consideration. When people are on the search for wealth, rarely do they slow down and take the time to absorb things as they go. Starting small can help to ensure that the mistakes you make are small; the more comfortable you get with the land investment world the bigger you can go. This does nothing but ensure that not only are you taking the right steps at the right time, but that those inevitable mistakes that you make along the way don’t set you back more than you can realistically afford.

Spread the Risk and Spread the Wealth

One of the reasons that many people choose to go into land or property investment without a partner is due to pure selfishness; they want to reap the profits on their own. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, this is the type of thing that can really only apply when it comes to those with more experience. When you go into this type of investment alone you do stand to reap all of the benefits as far as profit are concerned, but what about risk? Sharing the wealth in the beginning may keep you from experiencing some unrecoverable financial pitfalls as well.

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Some beginning land investors make the mistake of thinking all land investment opportunities were created equally. Land is land, right? Well, not exactly. There are vacant lots in neighborhoods. There are acres in rolling country sides. There are tracts of land on a beach. There are forested areas. There are dirt lots in the middle of downtown. Don’t stick to one type of land investment. The more you diversify the more you stand to profit and learn something in the process.

Beginner’s Investing 411 – How to Know If a Potential Land Investment is Right For You

Beginner’s Investing 411 – How to Know If a Potential Land Investment is Right For You

They say that land investing is a gold mine. Land is a resource that so many lucrative investors have failed to tap into, paying closer attention to things like real estate, stocks, and bonds. While these are all well and fine nobody ever gained wealth pursuing one avenue, and that is where land investment comes into play. Investing in land can be tricky business though, especially for those who are just starting out in the world of investing-whether it is land investing or investments period.

Part of the trick is knowing when to say no, and understanding that not every investment has good return potential. The only problem with this is understanding when a potential land investment is right for you and when it may be best to keep it moving.

You Got a Great Deal on a Tract of Land

Investment is about spending money to take money, but not going broke and hoping and praying to see some return. You have to be smart about your investment. If you got a great deal on a plot of land through an inside tip, a desperate seller or some other luck of the draw go for it-so long as it will be sell able or usable by you in the short run.

You’re Positive You Can Make it Work

If you are positive that you can make something work, by all means go for it. Part of being a good investor is about trusting yourself to do the right thing, and while you may not always be right it is helpful to learn to trust your own instinct-especially if it has proven you right before. If you have an inside tip on a piece of land and you are fairly certain that you will be able to utilize it to your profit, go for it. Unless you have some reason not to take the leap, the alternative is to sit around and wonder if you could have made it work, and that won’t make you a single dollar.

You Have Done it Before

Just because you have seen something done doesn’t mean that you can duplicate it. If you have had success with a certain system, a certain seller or buyer, a certain type of land or anything else in the past the chances of you being able to succeed through duplication are much higher, substantially lowering your risk. Duplication is the best strategy of them all, and if you find something that works stick with it.

Because Investment is About Risk

If all else fails, don’t forget that investment carries with it a slight risk of loss. Don’t take this to mean that you should do something that you have second thoughts about because investment is risky, anyway. Always trust your gut. It is important to understand, however, that investing in land is no more of a sure thing than investing in some Fortune 500 company. Something could happen any day that could change the world and the quality of your investment as well.

Land Investments UK

Land Investments UK

Investors world over have taken Land Investments, UK in a big way because investing in plots of land for sale is simple and hassle free as compared to buying a property. Now people know that investments in property incur high maintenance costs before they see any actual returns, whereas, land investments require a much smaller outlay, involves too little or no maintenance costs at all and may remain untouched yet still experience considerable rises in value, and once planning permission is permitted, the returns are as much as 300%.

The concept of Land Investments in UK is proving to be a popular investment choice because of the scarcity of land and rising population & increased need for more housing that is pushing demand for land investments in UK ever higher.

Although land in the UK is being protected from development for many years, but now the local and state governments are accepting that the requirements for new housing and development is so great that it is unrealistic to keep many of these restrictions in place.

Tony Blair once pointed out that the demand for new homes is so great that it would be irresponsible to rule out specific tracts of land for development and that there is a requirement for additional housing, and if decisions weren’t faced on that, the people who will suffer will be generations to come, particularly first-time buyers. Thus, keeping the land & housing scenario of UK in view, investors are inclined for investing more in land than any other alternative option like stocks and equity investments.

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Land Investments for Long Term Capital Growth

Land Investments for Long Term Capital Growth

When looking at investments for long-term capital growth potential, investments in UK land have returned stunning rates of growth coupled with low risk.

Overall prices (farmland) have increased by up to 30% in the last 12 months and 130% since the early 1990s with an average 920% growth in the last 20 years.

An Attractive Alternative Investment

When looking at investments for long-term capital growth most investors consider mutual funds, investment trusts, stocks, equities, and hedge funds. However, the fact is that land has shown better average growth with less downside volatility. This makes land a solid investment for the conservative risk conscious investor.
Once the preserve of large institutional investors, this exciting market is now open to smaller investors.

Why Land Has Such Great Potential

When looking at investments for long-term capital growth potential, we need to look at the supply and demand equation.

Land has all the ingredients for demand to exceed supply and see land prices climb higher in the coming years.

The Case for UK Land

When looking at investments for long-term capital growth potential, it is clear that of all the countries in the world to invest in land, the UK is one of the most attractive for the following reasons:

1. Rapid Population Growth – The population of the UK in 1981 was 56.2 million. In 2001, the population had increased by about 2.6 million to 58.8 million inhabitants.

2. Immigration – In terms of immigration, there is the granting of entry to the UK, of over 170,000 people per year. This constitutes over 60% of the annual population growth. Therefore, at current rates of growth the UK can expect to see at least an additional 3.4 million inhabitants within the next 20 years.

3. Social Trends – There is also a rising divorce rate in the UK. In 1980 and there were approximately 148,500 divorces throughout the UK In 2000 this figure climbed to nearly 200,000, an increase of over 30%. Furthermore, more people are staying single by choice and getting married later in life.

A recent treasury report stated that: In the next 17 years, with the rising population and increased lack of affordable housing, the UK will need another 1.5 million homes with 300,000 required in and around London alone.

Essentially, this means that there is a need for massive scale housing development in the UK at present and for the near future.

This will see land remain one of the most attractive investments for long term capital growth.
The Demand for UK Land

The building of much of this housing is to be on brown field sites, or redeveloped areas, this land is in short supply and is expensive to purchase and develop.

The priority to build new housing will necessitate the reclassification and development of green belt land throughout Britain.

Land Banking – The Key to Long Term Capital Growth

Land banking simply involves the acquisition of land, which does not enjoy planning consent, in advance of expanding urbanization. When urban expansion occurs the land rises in value with the granting of planning consent.

The way to make big capital gains in land banking involves buying land in specific areas, in the hope of future development.

With the granting of planning permission, a significant capital gain is possible.
Land Investments for Long Term Capital Growth

Good past performance with low risk and the prospect of good future capital growth, makes investing in land for longer term growth an attractive option for all investors.

How to Use Land Investment to Improve Your Financial Future – Tips to Get You Started

How to Use Land Investment to Improve Your Financial Future – Tips to Get You Started

Anybody who has ever built any sort of wealth would probably say that there are few ways to do so without some type of investment. These days the word ‘invest’ can be a scary one, indeed. With the way the economy has been going in the past several years it can be difficult to put money into anything with some assurance that you will get it back let alone see any type of profit from it.

There is no profit without the potential risk; after all, that is the nature of investments. While there are certain types of investments that are a bit less sure-footed than others, land investments remain one of the more lucrative investment opportunities out there. Why? It has so much potential and buyers aren’t locked into anything at all-you included. If you are interested in getting started in the world of investments, why not use land investment as a way to get your foot in the door to improving your financial future?

Here are a few ways that you can use land investment as a means of increasing your wealth.

Don’t Rush Into Things

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to investing is rushing into things. Putting all of your money into one plot of land hoping to get a huge payout right back is just not realistic. Take your time. Do your research. Put together a portfolio and do everything that you can to get all of your affairs in order before you write the check. So many people out there are afraid to ‘miss the boat’ that they end up sinking the whole darn thing; taking your time can prevent that from happening to you.

Get Some Expert Advice

Everybody needs a mentor; getting into land investment for the first time is no different. If you want people to take you seriously you have to know what you are talking about. If you want to be successful, you have to know what you are doing. Both of these can be accomplished by taking a little tutelage from somebody who knows what they are doing because they have done it before themselves.

Consider Different Endeavors

There are different ways to go about making money from land investment. Flipping land is the most common way, especially for those who are just starting out in things. You also have the option of purchasing land for development, or collaborating with investors on a building project. Sticking to one thing gives you a greater chance of failure. If you try new things you at least know what it is that you are working with and can learn a bit from each one.

Don’t Give Up

The worst thing you can do when you are just getting started is to give up. How can you increase your wealth if you aren’t willing to take a chance every now and again? Nothing was ever gained without risking a loss; it’s the way of the world. In the world of investments you win some and you lose some. The sooner you learn that and find a way to recover from the losses and learn what needs to be changed, the closer you are to being able to use land investments to build a future for yourself financially.

How to Land Investment Returns You Can Take to the Bank

How to Land Investment Returns You Can Take to the Bank

When it comes to investment and calculating returns many people still get it wrong. Whoever said that one plus one equals two was correct in theory; however when it comes to actuality this theory only holds true after you finish the equation. Remember when your math assignment turned into a thesis written in some foreign language? You know pre-algebra, algebra then the harder math classes such as geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Well these topics are the rest of the story.

I never really started to understand the importance of math until one day I sat attentive in a seminar. It was the first time I had ever been exposed to the theory that marketing for any business is built on a geometric scale that grows both in a linear and exponential proportions. Well it hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew before I attended this seminar and right then the reassurance of the presenter’s statement that this was also true for the growth of money. Anything that has the ability to grow works in this way. Here these two examples are true in both practical application and theory for these very same reasons.

You know an annual percentage return may be the number that was grossed in performance; the net effect of your performance will be based solely on your other implicating factors such as your total gross income, business income, tax basis, tax sheltering, margin of transaction fees, as well as your compounded cost of living and inflation. You wont have the same outcome as another individual with different circumstances; even if you both had invested equal amounts and had matching portfolio picks. Gross performance would be equal but those outside factors would equate to different results.

So your net return is the number that will get you to your destination. You need this number for a true and clear view of your path; what adjustments you need to make for both short and long term planning. Now that we have the vision of the bigger objective we can work it backward to see where improvement is needed. You’ll need to analyze your current situation to take measurement of your current time lines for personal items such as your retirement, children’s college, trusts and charity contributions, cash needs with a preemptive costs basis analysis for items such as long term cash requirements, medical coverage, dental and vision care, travel, entertainment and those necessity items we dream about.

Once you have the data, facts and figures your reporting will give you the solved for X answer. With that number you can get a clear view of the amount of returns your investment needs are; hint, the longer the term of the investment the larger the returns need to be to cover long term capital principle reduction and taxation factors. The shorter the investment the larger the returns need to be for accelerated growth. Are you starting to see a pattern here; your returns need to be large enough to cover expenses as well as having the consistency to perform in the most volatile market conditions as well as in good times.

When searching for these investment vehicles what are the key indicators you need to look for, longevity, strength, overhead reduction, tax sheltering capability and overall strong returns. Only a small handful of these vehicles have proven strong enough to make their claim to fame. Over all in the industry a ten percent ROI is an average marker, you can get fixed returns in the five to nine percent all day long.

Strong performance; commonly called millionaire rates of return because they will grow your capital much faster and create more wealth for your than the base rates. Banks typically give out zero to two percent on their checking, savings or money market accounts. Some give slightly higher your next step up is into cd’s or bonds and mutual funds, again these are low risk low reward. Annuities pay fixed and variable rates in this same range.

After this you start moving in to the stock and commodity market here you can make slightly higher returns with more exposure because your betting against the company leadership, sales and performance you have no control or inside information to guide your decisions only a boring prospectus to help you try to understand how things were in the company until print date.

For more aggressive options you have both risk driven and reduced risk exposure factors involved. Personally I prefer reduced risk in most of my long term investments. This way I don’t have to keep watching every second, I use compounded interest plus high rates of return with investment vehicles that provide consistent performance so that my stress as well as market risk are tremendously reduced.
Millionaire rates of return earn enough of positive return to compensate for those influences we all have to bear. Essentially millionaire rates of return are in excess of twenty percent per year. So if you can imagine your money growing three percent or twenty to thirty percent or more per year you can get the idea. It’s like filling up a twelve ounce glass with water with an eye dropper or using the faucet. Which one are you going choose?

You could use a fire hose but you might blow your glass off of the counter, you could try the raging white water yet again you may lose your glass and or your entire ability to reinvest in a new glass after you lost it. You see too much or too little power in your portfolio could have an adverse effect. Your choosing of assets need to be specific to your requirements not those of a financial advisors pocket book.

Make sure you understand how everything fits together in your life before you make those critical decisions. Have you received proper education and feel comfortable that this is what type of investment you need. Make no doubt about it everyone needs to become immunized and protected from financial disaster and financial illiteracy; it’s an epidemic in society that eats people alive. It’s robbing them of their youth and vitality and turns everyday average people into bitter, sour and grumpy citizens miserable with the out come of their life.

All due to the choices they made about money and the choices they made handling money. You have the choice to land big huge profits or meager profits that leave you grumpy. Get your financial affairs in order know before it’s too late. Make smart educated choices and learn from and like the master of profit potential on ways to hedge against capital reduction and extinction. Make the best choices you can for every situation to attract what you both want and need to prosper and grow.

Search for those hidden and less known investments then research them until you have answered all of your questions, have proof that it works for all those involved and make the choice is this right for you? Go ahead do it then wait for your performance returns to show up strong and make you proud.