Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Why you should invest in UK Land

Why you should invest in UK Land

In this blog post I thought I would quickly list my thoughts and opinions on why you should invest in land… Are you looking to build physical assets or invest for the future? Land investment fascinates me, and owning a plot of land (big or small) is very rewarding. Remember, land is a tangible asset (unlike stocks or shares) and it will increase in value over time.

So, why should you invest in land? First of all land is a safe investment, as long as you research the area (making sure it offers what you want) and find sound legal advice to ensure that both the sale and asking price is above board. Secondly, land prices have historically always gone up over the years, mainly because there is a limited amount of land for sale in the UK… With this in mind, point three on why you should invest (and hold on) to land is ROI, your return on investment! Like property prices, land prices have rocketed over the decades, enough said!

Who knows, a decade or two from now, future investors may look back and say “I wish I had bought some land back in 2011!” One final advantage of investing in land is you can negotiate a price with the land seller… Remember, we live in tough economic times and each plot of land is different, great investments may simply depend on how quick a person wants to sell!

Good luck with your hunt for land, please post your thoughts and experiences below on land investment, I would love to hear them! Find out more on our land investment website

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