Saturday, 16 June 2012

Land Investments UK

Land Investments UK

Investors world over have taken Land Investments, UK in a big way because investing in plots of land for sale is simple and hassle free as compared to buying a property. Now people know that investments in property incur high maintenance costs before they see any actual returns, whereas, land investments require a much smaller outlay, involves too little or no maintenance costs at all and may remain untouched yet still experience considerable rises in value, and once planning permission is permitted, the returns are as much as 300%.

The concept of Land Investments in UK is proving to be a popular investment choice because of the scarcity of land and rising population & increased need for more housing that is pushing demand for land investments in UK ever higher.

Although land in the UK is being protected from development for many years, but now the local and state governments are accepting that the requirements for new housing and development is so great that it is unrealistic to keep many of these restrictions in place.

Tony Blair once pointed out that the demand for new homes is so great that it would be irresponsible to rule out specific tracts of land for development and that there is a requirement for additional housing, and if decisions weren’t faced on that, the people who will suffer will be generations to come, particularly first-time buyers. Thus, keeping the land & housing scenario of UK in view, investors are inclined for investing more in land than any other alternative option like stocks and equity investments.

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