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5 Reasons Why Land Investment is a Must

5 Reasons Why Land Investment is a Must

For anyone who is seeking to invest their money there are many different options that are currently available. Many people will take to the more traditional forms of investments such as stocks and bonds. Yet there is one investment that has remained fairly stable throughout the years and has survived the upswings and down swings of the economy and the real estate market and that is land. There are those who believe that land investment is fairly risky but this can be greatly reduced or eliminated by making wise decisions. There are many who see land investment as an important part of any investment portfolio.

Here are five reasons why land investment could prove to be the greatest financial venture for you.

Very limited land space

Just imagine, what will happen if the earth grows bigger and land space starts growing-there will be no dearth of space for people to live in. But this is not the case, earth is not growing rather population is growing like never before and in the near future is expected to grow; expected growth until 2050, 8.9 billion. This will increase the demand and eventually the market value of land would skyrocket.

Many areas around North America are scantly populated which means there is an abundance of land down the road. Over time, their market value will increase, proving to be a worthy and profitable investment.

Hidden Secrets

Yes, you read it correctly, but be careful with this. If you could, by any chance, get hold of mineral rights with your purchase, then you become the sole owner of everything that is mined beneath the land or grown on top of it. You can raise timber above the ground and use the money either for profit or for paying taxes; market commodities like wheat or corn can even be grown. More so, you can raise cattle on a high-quality pasture land. All the said things are just snap shots of additional income that you can possibly make by owning land.

Let’s not overlook the potential that there can be profits and surprises under the ground as well. As mentioned above, there is a battery of possibilities and wealth with mineral rights, provided you get them. Mineral rights allow you to extract minerals or earn royalties from companies to which you have given the authority to mine the minerals.

Land: Easy to Acquire

Normally, purchasing land is simple and a quick process. Though easy to acquire, if you fall into the trap of not using a Realtor, all your money that you could possible save while purchasing the land may end up being used. So, if possible shop and purchase with the help of a Realtor. More so, look for the following points before you seal the deal:

Before entering into any sort of contractual agreement, make sure the seller has legal and clear title.

Do not pay the seller more than the appraisal.

Ensure that the land is out of any flood zone.

Survey the land properly.

Land: A tangible and concrete asset 

Unlike stocks and other types of paper assets, land falls into the category of a tangible asset, which cannot be stolen from you and will not depreciate with economic turmoil. This has made land investment one of the best and the safest form of investment known to date. Besides, land does not require any sort of maintenance and unlike a home, another tangible asset, it does not need to be insured. Would it not be great to have an asset that is looking after itself?

Managing Money and land

No doubt, there are those who think it is better to invest in traditional forms of investments like stocks, bonds, IRA’s, mutual funds and 401K’s. However, do not forget that the world economy is going through a very tough phase right now and many of these instruments have fallen dramatically in value.
However, with the current economy being on a back burner, Land investment is also feeling some heat, but it will surely comeback and with a bang too. Whatever the situation is, people will always need a place to live and that always requires land.

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