Saturday, 16 June 2012

Land Profit Generator – Virtual Land Investing Strategies

Land Profit Generator – Virtual Land Investing Strategies

Have you ever wondered if it could be possible to buy and sell vacant land or raw land from the comfort of your own home? This article will help you discover the reality of virtual land investing deals.

First let us define what we mean by Virtual Land Investing. It is investing in real property using internet based applications to locate land leads, locate buyers, and put together the transaction.

Virtual land investing can involve social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Ning, and several other  similar community web sites. For example on Facebook you can create your own group to attract people who are interested in this type of investing.

You can develop your social relationship with the followers of your group by providing useful information specific to land investing. This can be as simple as sharing some of your own research or journey to becoming a successful land investor.

It can be extremely useful for this purpose as well to create your own blog with a vacant land investing theme and focus. Once you have designed a flow of new leads that you can generate automatically online on websites like Twitter and Facebook and dozens of others, you can outsource many of the maintenance tasks for these properties.

Yes, any of the groups, blogs and social networking profiles you generate are commonly referred to as Web 2.0 “properties” – so virtual property investing can have a multi-facetted meaning here!

With regards to outsourcing, you will find that many providers for social network maintenance tasks are readily available at extremely low rates. You can find them even on the social networking sites, or go to outsourcing web sites such as or When you understand how to set up the system, you can easily direct virtual assistants in foreign countries to do the work for you.

The new Land Profit Generator by Jack Bosch is designed specifically with the perspective of outsourcing and social networking in mind. Many folks are excited about social networking. If you can bridge the information gap and provide sources of real land investing deals that you learn in the Land Profit Generator, you can boost your virtual investing business very quickly to being extremely profitable.

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