Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Secure Your Retirement With Raw Land Investments

Secure Your Retirement With Raw Land Investments

Whether your retirement is many years away or just around the corner, you might be wondering how you can invest now to help secure financial freedom for retirement. Stocks can be risky, and many savings accounts and bonds render very little interest unless you can save a bulk of money over a period of 15 years or more. But one type of retirement investing you might want to consider is raw land investments.

Investing in raw land is the act of buying land for the purposes of development and then re-selling it later for profit. Some investors buy raw land for long-term investments while others desire to make a quick turn-around profit with the land they purchase. Either way, buying it can possibly help you retire rich if you invest wisely.

Most people aren’t familiar with raw land development investments, in part because their fund managers and financial advisors don’t offer them to their clients (because they don’t earn a commission on them). The fact is, however, that these investments have been favorites of the very rich for generations! Why?

Because raw land developments are among the most highly profitable and secure investments an investor can make. In fact, a professional development project, on average, will increase the value of raw land by 300-500% and it can be even greater.

What is Raw Land?

Raw land is basically undeveloped land with no prior landscaping, water/sewer, power, phone, or other developments. Raw land typically must be cleared and/or leveled for purposes of building or other uses. This type of land can be purchased and developed for various purposes, including building homes, apartments, hotels, or businesses, recreational parks, or even for farming. When buying, considerations must be made about its location and access to the basic needful services, roads, water availability, clean air, electricity, sewage disposal and trash removal.

Diversify Your Retirement Investments

Buying raw land enables you to diversify your retirement investing efforts. You might own stocks and bonds, have a reliable savings account at a local bank or credit union, and maybe even have a substantial dollar amount in an IRA or 401K plan; however, owning raw land that can be developed and resold for profit gives you a bit of portfolio diversification in your investing.

The land itself is a commodity that provides asset security, meaning it can be turned into cash at any time to meet other financial needs. And though land value can go up or down with the real estate market, it always has some value. Portfolio diversification gives you several sources of investment for retirement instead of just one so you can minimize your risks.

Prefer a Passive Investment?

Even if you prefer to invest passively without worry of developing and re-selling land, you can still take this route with raw land investments. There are methods today that allow you to join with other land investors and share in the profits of raw land, even while earning interest on your vested dollars while the land project is being completed. You’ll partner with a professional land developer with a partial ownership stake in the land development, but you will not be directly involved with the management of the project. This enables you to invest without having to learn and implement all the phases of land development.

If you’d like to learn more about raw land investments and how you can benefit, there are online gurus that have studied this type of investment and can show you how to create a lucrative retirement investment from start to finish. Go online now to start realizing your retirement dreams with raw land investments.

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