Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How Land Investment is the Key to your Financial Freedom

How Land Investment is the Key to your Financial Freedom

So you’ve heard about the housing slump. And you’ve read about the mortgage crisis. However, in today’s buyers market, Land Investment is the key to your financial freedom. No mortgage is needed; No huge sums of money need be spent. Investing in land in growing areas may just be the key to your financial success.

Now, even through the Real Estate market went down, historically it has been show to have its ups and downs, just like any other market. A few years ago it was a sellers market, now it’s a buyers market. This means if you have money to invest, you can get a great piece of land for a low cost. If you just wait a few years, the investment will have more than paid for itself and you will have nicely profited. It’s very simple; the market will switch from buyer dominated to seller dominated, and you want to be the seller when it switches.

How many times have you talked to somebody who wishes they bought land 10 or 20 years ago because they knew somebody who profited hugely on it? You know how the conversation goes, “I wish I bought 10 acres up north 20 years ago for only $10,000, now it sells for over $100,000. Well, now you can be the person who profits.

Historically, owning land has always been an extremely important priority for groups of people. Ever since people started farming, thousands and thousands of years ago, land ownership was a key issues; People fought over it, negotiated over it, worked on it, and lived on it. Now you can own a piece of the American dream; no fighting involved. You have the right to buy land, at an agreed upon price between you, the buyer, and the seller. This right was won by previous generations of people; It was simply not given to us. And now you can take advantage of the real estate slump, get land at a discounted price, and profit when the market goes up again!

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